Lifestyle Creep Is Real I’ve Seen It With My 2 Eyes 1 Bank Account

I’m two paychecks into my second job and I also got a cash infusion for my birthday. I decided I could spend $150 on whatever I wanted. I had big big plans about how I was going to spend this money, big big plans. Plans so big I couldn’t decide even. 1 new dress? 1 dinner out at my favorite favorite neighborhood restaurant? 1 new skincare regimen? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

I let myself go into stores with the intent of buying something! Big deal for me, now. But I didn’t want to buy anything, because nothing was worth it. (Cured?) BUT WHILE I WAS FEELING SO SMUG ABOUT MY CURED CONSUMERISM: I was fast and loose with my debit card without even realizing it. In my mind, I wasn’t about to overdraft my account, so it was ice blended mocha coffee drinks, sandos, and treating people and downloading books on my phone. And now my earmarked money in my bank account is down to $60. I mean, I can still do something fun with that, but newsflash money adds up.



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