Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let’s check-in.

Wine tasting! Highly recommended as a way to spend a weekend afternoon. Our group of 15 crammed into a van rental and were on the road a little after 10 a.m. ($25 for the rental + gas). Our first stop was at the Paumanok Vineyards where we paid $8 to taste four different wines. Lunch was at the Farm Country Kitchen where the service included a waiter named Doug and a little errand child named Bella ($20). Our second (and favorite) tasting was at McCall Wines ($15), and our final tasting was at Shinn Estate Vineyards ($15). Dinner was Thai back in Brooklyn ($20). Add in a trip to the grocery store ($36) and my weekend total was: $139, below the $200 I had estimated.

How were your weekends?



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