Monday Check-In

Manic Mondays, etc. Let’s check-in.

On Friday evening, I picked up a baguette, some pâté and a kale salad for dinner ($12). Saturday was spent downtown with a bunch of Texans at the Lonestar Chili Cook-off where I ate way too much chili (see photo) and drank plenty of Shiner ($50 for the ticket, $5 for tips). Sunday was spent on the phone with my mother, catching up on work and picking some things up at the grocery store ($35.72).

I had estimated $100 for the weekend and spent 102.72.

How were your weekends?

Oh, and if you’re curious, here’s what I bought at the grocery store—this is about half a normal grocery store run. It tends to stay on the lower end because I only buy meat occasionally.



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