Pro: There’s a Place to Hang Clothes. Con: Everything Else

Union Square, Manhattan. $1000.00

“I am looking for someone to move into a large closet space in one of the three bedrooms of my apartment. The bedroom has two closets but there is no need for it so we are looking to sublet it as a living space to a 4th roommate. The closet is about 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. It has no windows and think it would be ideal for a twin size bed and small night stand.”

The staff at Tumblr linked to some of their favorite blogs of the moment, and one of them is called “THE WORST ROOM”—a blog about “trying to find affordable housing in New York City” but is really a blog about some of the saddest rooms for rent on the market that are going for crazy amounts of money. One thousand dollars a month to live in someone’s walk-in closet! Is there any air circulation? Who knows!? My stars.



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