The Triumphant Return of Do 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

It’s been … some weeks since we’ve last met in this space, this space being a blog post where I tell you that 1 thing I’m going to get done that I have to get done, and then you, if you play along, tell me the 1 thing you got done that you have to get done, and then we all feel satisfied and accomplished for a day, or a moment, or no time at all. This column’s (“column”) hiatus has been an exercise in … not caring about getting things done or wanting to get things done or getting things done. Even this blog post has been something I haven’t been able to get done. Do none things. But I’m back!

And here’s my 1 thing that has been 1 thing for ages: I got a second job. In a restaurant, on the weekends. I’ll get paid weekly and it’s the daytime shift and it’s hostessing so it won’t be crazy money, but it should be like, at least $500 a month that I don’t currently have. The first plan will be to not run out of money any more. The second plan will be to make bigger payments to the card I currently have in payoff mode. The third plan is to allow myself to go to dinner by myself once a month because it’s my favorite thing to do, and I miss it.

I’m just going to count this as my 1 thing for the past 3 weeks. Basking. What have you been up 2?



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