Unpaid Intern Files Lawsuit

On Friday, April 12, about a month after I was officially hired, they fired me. One of the designers told me that they needed somebody with more experience. That was believable at the time, because another designer had quit, and they were having issues finding someone to replace her. So it was my impression that they wanted to combine the two positions and find someone with more qualifications.

Then, about a week later, I saw that they were advertising online for the exact same apprentice position that I had applied for back in December. The same wording, everything. So it seems like what they do is have people come on for the three unpaid months, and then let them go.

Over at The Cut, 24-year-old Erica van Rabenswaay describes being hired as an unpaid “apprentice” for a fashion designer with a vague promise that the position would lead to a full-time salaried job after three months. It was true, sort of: van Rabenswaay was offered $45,000 to work as a graphic designer for the company, and then was quickly fired. The company soon put up a listing for a new unpaid apprentice. She’s now working with Intern Justice and attorney Maurice Pianko, who has filed a lawsuit against the designer.



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