Who Didn’t Have a George Foreman Grill?

Mental Floss has a list of the 10 best-selling infomercial products and from the list, here’s what my family has bought through the years:

Thighmaster: My mother wanted to be as good in shape as Suzanne Somers, and who could blame her?
Snuggie: I bought this one for my mother because she requested one for Mother’s Day (coming up soon!). And then I considered buying one to keep at the office because I get cold easily (just like my mother).
George Foreman Grill: Didn’t we all have one of these at one point or another? I had one in college.
Total Gym: My dad went through a Chuck Norris phase.
Proactiv: What to buy for your teenager who is going through hormonal changes and is worried about his/her skin before the big dance.

Okay, your turn.



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