Here’s the Salaries of Some Lobbyists

These are the salaries of 2 lobbyists that represent associations of counties, cities and school boards:

$204,000 a year, plus 1 Ford Explorer
$196,000 a year, plus 1 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

These 2 along with others from 20 states will get government pensions when they retire because of 1 weird old law that says that even though they are private employees, because they represent public orgs, they get free money.

I mean, there’s so much other stuff to get pissed about, this doesn’t really register for me—it’s not like they’re oil lobbyists right—but some people are pissed about it so maybe you want to be pissed about it, too. Also maybe we all should have been lobbyists. Ha, duh.



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