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Sad story about an American woman who married an undocumented immigrant who was later deported to Brazil. She joined him there, but they want to return to U.S.—too bad on paper he is barred until 2020, ahh. REAL UPSETTING. (Also can’t help but think if they’d had more expen$ive lawyers or friends and high places it could have all been ok!) (I mean that is how these things work, right?) (Right.)

But buried within that sad story is a tidbit about money-making in the U.S. versus Brazil, let’s listen in:

“Work is a legitimate concern, though. Rachel is able to teach English online, but she’s making about $12,000 per year, compared to the $48,000 salary she had in Massachusetts. Paulo went from making $200 a day as a roofer and contractor to bringing in $50 daily. Things like food and rent are cheaper, but other items, like disposable razors or electronics, are more expensive than in the U.S.”

So a few lessons here I guess? Ask about immigration status of love of life? Then use information to DT(undocumented)MFA? Have lots of money? Have friends in positions of political power? Don’t go to Brazil to buy razors or electronics.



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