Bribing Your Way Into the Classroom

University of Toronto students desperate for scarce seats in fully booked classrooms are offering cash to classmates willing to give up a spot, turning registration into a bidding war.

“$100 to whomever drops (History of Modern Espionage),” posted Christopher Grossi on Facebook Tuesday. “I really need this course.”

Reading this story about college students at the University of Toronto bribing fellow students with cash so that they can enroll in a full class takes me back to my college days when you just had to show up to the class you wanted if it was full and hope that another student dropped it so you could take her place. From what I could tell, no bribing ever took place, though I imagine it would have been pretty effective. Also, I would have loved to take a class called “History of Modern Espionage.” [via]

Photo: Francisco Diez



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