Five Years After the Crisis

Bloomberg Businessweek has published it’s big multimedia package on the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis, and it leads with Hank Paulson, who left Goldman Sachs in 2006 to become Treasury Secretary and had a rough time dealing with the financial crisis and pushed through the big bailout bill that was largely deemed as ineffective and wasteful. HANK, a documentary about Paulson by the magazine and filmmaker Joe Berlinger will be released on Netflix on Sept. 16, and the print edition has Hank Paulson in his own words, who sums up everything thusly: “So today it’s worse.” Thanks Hank!

So skip that part and read the short interview with Michael Lewis, or this interesting profile of JP Morgan Chase’s Blythe Masters who developed credit derivatives and has found herself in a whole series of messes, including the recent accusations that the bank manipulated the energy markets in California and Michigan. Today it’s worse, is right.



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