Google, I’ve Decided to Become a Better Person

Let’s get to work.

“Jobs to help people”

“Jobs to help people that also pay maybe”

“Social work”

“Social work as a career”

“Social work as a career but without having to go back to school”

“Use your regular undergrad liberal arts degree to become a social worker”

“Easiest way to get your MSW”

“Quickest way to get your MSW”

“Cheapest way to get your MSW”

“Easiest, quickest, cheapest way to get your MSW”

“Jobs that pay you to get your MSW”

“MSW loan forgiveness”

“Peace Corps”

“Peace Corps but they pay you”

“Peace Corps but they pay you and you live somewhere really nice”

“Reasons not to be a social worker or go to the Peace Corps and instead to just do exactly what you are doing and change nothing”


Molly Lorz lives in New York.



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