Hollywood’s Tanking Business Model is Really Movie Ticket Pricing

While reading Catherine Rampell’s piece on why the Hollywood business model isn’t working (run-down: Studios rely on an old model—the summer blockbuster—as a way to make a lot of money and that’s no longer panning out), I couldn’t help but think that the reason why moviegoers aren’t running to the theater in droves anymore is because going to the movies is no longer a “cheap” outing. Ticket prices in cities like New York and Los Angeles have reached upwards of $15, and have reached an all-time high in other cities.

My cousins who live out in Southern California say they have tried saving money on movie tickets by buying them at a discount at Costco, where you can get them for about $8.50 each. They also do the classic saving money on refreshments by sneaking in candy in your bag bit that our parents did when we were kids and movie tickets were $5. Richard Lawson summed it up last year:

Why are we, here in New York at least, shelling out a measly $13 for a ticket when we could be paying $20? Or $30? Hell, here’s two weeks’ pay, now give us a damn ticket to Underworld: 2 Under 2 World.

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