How Much to Live in This Here Walled City Full of Guns

Leonard Zeskind and Devin Burghart have a piece at The Nation about the rise of militias in the U.S., including updates on a plan to build a walled city in Idaho for, you know, when shit gets real: “A 2,000-square-foot unfinished home, on an acre lot outside the walls is calculated to cost $1,111 a month. A 900-square-foot home on a quarter of an acre inside the walls is $500 a month, $580 if the Citadel does the work to finish the exterior.”

There are currently 1,360 “active patriot groups” in the U.S. Which is a lot! But not a movement—yet. But enough to get written up in The Nation and not just be things you read about at 3 a.m. when you’ve fallen down a hole on the internet, so. Will you build your own walled city? I was thinking more of a village. A little homestead. Maybe a farm with kind of a tall fence.



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