My Last Hundred Bucks(ish)

Where did your last hundo go, Molly Lorz?

$5, large iced chai latte. It occurred to me today, after drinking three of these a week all summer, that a large iced chai latte is really just a large cup of milk.

$10, cab ride from train station to work. (Late.)

$10, cab ride from work to bar. (Lazy.)

$11, two whisky sours at 2-for-1 happy hour. Thank you, tiny stretch of bars on St. Marks that offer 2-for-1 happy hour. Yay competition. Yay capitalism. Yay the cheapest drinks in New York.

$10, tips on all of those things.

$16, clutch from Forever 21 that looked extremely quality after two whisky sours but this morning looks like a piece of plastic. Will keep.

$6, letterpress birthday card for best friend. It’s a very cute card. Will she like it more than if I had just given her $6? I don’t know.

$40, Cash left when I got home, tipsy, and saw the electric bill on the fridge. My share: $60. I slid it under my roommate’s door with a note (not on letterpress): “For bills, will pay rest ASAP!” So starts my next hundred bucks.


Molly Lorz lives in New York.



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