Sorry, No TFA Recommendation for You

Dear Student,

I remember you well! Your work in my class impressed me and taught me a great deal. Iā€™m so glad to hear that our class discussions enabled us to establish a trusting connection with each other that led you to come to me for this letter of recommendation.

However, I need to tell you up front: I do not write recommendations for Teach for America. I believe doing so is immoral and damaging to children, to schools, to the teaching profession, and to this country. I was a TFA corps member myself, and now I am an active member of the TFA resistance movement. I urge you to please reconsider applying to TFA.

Catherine Michna, a fellow at Tulane University who teaches American Studies and African American literature classes, wrote a post on her blog to let all her students know that she won’t be writing letters of recommendation for them for Teach for America, but will happily find time to sit down with them and discuss why. Which, regardless of whether or not you support the program, is a good thing! We should all take the time to talk through the things we want to do and figure out why something is worthwhile (or not).

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