The ‘Cord Never’ Generation

“The pay-TV business is fundamentally sound,” he said.

Even so, pay-TV providers themselves recognize that existing and prospective customers, especially younger ones, are watching more video online and that many don’t, or can’t, pay for a full package. “DirectTV targets its service to higher income and family households, so we believe that as these individuals get older and more established, they’ll be more inclined to upgrade to our premium offering,” said Darris Gringeri, a spokesman for El Segundo, California-based DirecTV.

The pay-TV industry (those who cater to cable subscribers) is closely watching the television habits of a new generation who they deem as “cord nevers,” meaning people who didn’t cut their cable cords because they never had cable in the first place. And with so many online streaming and viewing options, they’ll probably won’t ever feel the need to subscribe.

I suppose I fall into the “cord cutter” category, though mostly by default. I had cable back when I lived with roommates but when I ventured out on my own, I didn’t own a TV and instead of buying one, I decided I’d just go without it. Now if I can only get my cable bill under $70 a month.

Photo: Michael Coghlan



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