The Financial Pains of Casanovas

In the queue at the ice cream parlour the two businessmen jiggled anxiously and salivated like school boys as they stared at the myriad flavours of coloured gelato.

When it came to their turn though they looked a little deflated, even a little ashamed as they asked the impatient waitress in small voices for a “gelato piccolo”.

“Yeah, everything’s downsized here,” said the taller man ruefully, looking down at his modest single scoop of chocolate ice cream.

“No money for anything now – not even for women,” he added as he licked his spoon thoughtfully. “The day of Casanova is over. One woman only – and that’s already too expensive.”

Our hearts go out to the poor, sad Italian men who can only afford one scoop of gelato and no mistresses on the side. This BBC News story, hopefully written tongue-in-cheek, also includes a nutty interview with a “psychiatrist who specialises in men’s sexual problems.” [Thanks to Ariel for the story link!]

Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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