The Great Greek Yogurt Grocery Shelf Takeover

More consumers are complaining that they can’t find a beloved flavor that’s unavailable, Mr. Hirshberg says. They “show up behind dairy cases and say, ‘Where is my Mocha Latte, Apricot Mango or Cappuccino?'” he says.

Stonyfield has received about 1,800 product-availability requests from consumers asking where they can find a flavor so far this year. The company received about 1,200 during the same period last year, says a spokeswoman. “In our minds, about half the consumers aren’t wild about Greek,” Mr. Hirshberg says.

The rising popularity of Greek yogurt in the past few years has made more room for it on the limited amount of space on refrigerated grocery store shelves, and less for some of the other items that used to share that space, to the dismay of some shoppers. I suppose I’m one of those people who have switched to Greek yogurt and helped its shelf-growth—I find that yogurt from Stonyfield and Dannon are too sweet now. Have you been affected by the Great Greek Yogurt Takeover?

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