The Prettiest Place in Monopoly

Marvin Gardens: Marvin Gardens holds a few unique distinctions. First, it’s the only property not located in Atlantic City (it’s actually in Margate City). Two, it’s misspelled (the real Marven Gardens was a combination of the names Ventnor and Margate). Third, it’s easily the most beautiful property on the Monopoly board. A housing community founded in the 1920s and 1930s, the homes and gardens have been immaculately maintained and are literally picture perfect. Seriously, next time you’re in Atlantic City, make it a point to drive a few miles down the road to check out this dead ringer for the town in the Truman Show. Wow.

Scouting New York, a blog run by Nick Carr, a guy who scouts New York locations for movie sets, has a really fun post looking at what the properties in the Monopoly game actually look like. As it turns out, a lot of them have been built over by developers for casinos and resorts, but Marvin Gardens remains the most pleasing to the eye.



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