A Card For Your Cards

Today everyone (okay, a certain kind of 30-ish white guy) is losing their minds for a new startup thing called Coin, which offers a solution to a problem you may not know you had: too many credit cards to carry around at once!

Coin is a genuinely kind of cool bluetooth credit card that holds all the data for your other cards inside of it (or connects to the app on your phone that holds all of your data), so you just decide which card you want to use for each transaction, push a tiny button on the card, then swipe.

This does not appeal to me personally, since, for one, it costs $50, and two, I have a single debit card and two credit cards I never use, so if I am ever going somewhere where the thought of carrying an entire wallet is unbearably cumbersome (life is hard, y’all), I just carry my debit card.

According to the million tweets about this company, some people’s lives have been truly burdened by the plight of carrying more than one piece of plastic around. Personally I suspect that people are just interested in getting the $5 referral credit that Coin offers when someone signs up through your magic link (brilliant business move, I have to say) (no, I did not link you to Coin with a referral link, though maybe I should have).



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