Brushing Your Teeth At Work

Never have I ever brushed my teeth at work, not even a little bit, but for those of you (weirdos) who do, I present to you The complete guide to brushing your teeth at work, by Ritchie King at Quartz.

I’m that guy who brushes his teeth at work.

Come 2 or 3pm most workdays, I grab a coffee mug filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash. I carry it through our open plan office to the public restroom. I post up at the sink and spend about five or six minutes conducting the trifecta of dental hygiene in its entirety. Floss. Brush. Gargle. While. Everyone. Watches.

If I came out of a bathroom stall at work and had to watch my coworker floss his teeth, he would immediately become That Guy to me and nothing he said or did could ever change it. That said, if your office has private bathrooms and you are super into dental hygiene — or as King advocates, in need of a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up — then by all means, do your thing.

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