Did Someone Say Glow In The Dark Ice Cream Made From Jellyfish Luminescence?

Yes they did. Thanks to food inventor Charlie Harry Francis at the Lick Me I’m Delicious ice cream company, this decidedly un-vegetarian confection can be yours for the low, low price of $225.22 plus the travel cost of a visit to the UK:

“It’s glow-in-the-dark jellyfish ice cream using calcium activated proteins that react when they are agitated, or to put it in a nonscience-y way, it glows when you lick it.”

Francis worked with a scientist from China who figured out a way to synthesize the luminescence protein found in jellyfish. He used it to make the ice cream give off a neon green glow when your tongue makes contact with the icy substance.

A scoop of the glowing ice cream costs about £140, or $225.22. And regarding the question of whether it’s safe to eat, Francis writes, “Well, I tried some and I don’t seem to be glowing anywhere, so we’ll go with a yes for now.”

Lick at your own risk, as they say.

Photo: Reiki Lifestyle



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