Friday Estimate

TGIF! Let’s do some weekend estimations.

Back in September, a group of friends and I decided that we were going to rent a cabin for a weekend and have some nice, relaxing time together before we were swallowed up by the busyness of the holiday season. Let me tell you: It ain’t easy getting nine working adults plus a baby and a dog coordinated for a getaway like this (you should see the email chain we had going just to decide on a location!). But to make a long story short, we got it together and it’s happening this weekend. There will be, perhaps, singing so bad it’s good while we’re on the road. There will be some hiking, some tennis, some throwing of a football, and some experiencing the last of fall before it becomes miserably cold. There is a game room with ping pong and a pool table. There will be cooking, and lots of adult beverages (I requested hot toddies). There is: a hot tub (there may be some time travel). We get there today, and leave Sunday afternoon. My estimate—for my share of the cabin and car rental, groceries, and booze—is $300.

What are your estimates?



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