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“The downfall of Pacquiao, if there is one, will be his kindness and generosity. At some point, I fear that’s going to catch up to him.” Beyond Pacquiao’s generosity, he reportedly squandered millions from gambling. That doesn’t even account for his fleet of cars and extensive property holdings, including houses, condos, apartments and such an intense desire to give his money away to the poor he had to hire people simply charged with the responsibility to apologize and prevent him from throwing money at all the open hands spread out before him.

SB Nation has a terrific profile of Manny Pacquiao, a successful professional boxer from the Philippines who despite earning nearly $200 million during his career, has lost most of it. By comparison, George Foreman, “one of boxing’s rare success stories,” has been able to maintain his wealth, but not because of his boxing, but because of his famous grill.

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