Monday Check-in

Good morning! It’s a strangely warm-ish day in mid-November. Let’s check in.

My friends and I had a very successful weekend away in our chalet ($97 each for the rental). We grabbed some fast food at a Wendy’s while we were on the road and shared a frosty ($7), and made it to the chalet after getting past the short-tempered gatekeeper to the community where we were staying. We made grocery trips to the world’s largest ShopRite grocery store, where we got lost, encountered hellhounds who attacked our rental van, and swerved to get around deer who had met an unfortunately demise. We made steak dinners, had wine tastings, ate chocolate chip pancakes and tacos for brunch (about $40 each for groceries). We went hiking on a trail that led to nowhere with the help of a ranger named Mike. We went out for dinner at a roadhouse where a kind waitress called us “baby” and “darling” ($30). We had hot toddies and spiked hot chocolate and eggnog ($36 each for booze for the weekend). We played pool, ping pong, Cards against humanity, sat in front of a fire and in a hot tub, read magazines, and forgot about work and our lives back in the city for a few days. We listened to music on the ’60s radio station on Sirius on the drive back home ($70 or so for gas and the van rental). We’re planning on doing it again.

My estimate was $300 for the weekend, and I spent about $280 (worth it!). How were your weekends?



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