Oprah Has World’s Best Yard Sale

My mentor and personal hero Oprah Winfrey had a yard sale over the weekend that blew all of our weekly check-ins out of the water. She raised $600,000 for her school in South Africa by selling a bunch of her personal belongings (and a few things from her not-to-be-overlooked long-time exercise guru, Bob Greene).

Quite understandably (to me), Oprah’s mega-fans paid way more than face value for Oprah’s random crap, including a $100 teapot that can only be described as “not cute” or “you might pay $5 for this if it wasn’t Oprah’s” which sold for $1,000. If you don’t understand why someone would pay $1,000 for Oprah’s teapot, then I can only assume you don’t follow Ms. O on Instagram, where she posts photo after photo of herself with no makeup or holding up produce from her garden.

Meanwhile, my friends got married and gave us all of their old dishes for free. We put the ones we couldn’t fit or offload onto other friends out on our stoop for people to take for free and my landlord called to yell at me about this a mere 30 minutes ago! They also want to give us their old knives but that seems like more of a commitment. Mostly because I can’t imagine putting a block of butcher knives out onto the street would ever be a good idea.

P.S., we all have our favorite Oprah instagrams, but this one is mine.

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