Record-Breaking Holiday Electric Bill

An Australian family in Canberra has been decorating their house with Christmas lights since early October, and they’ve just been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records to have the most lights on a residential property. According to the NPR story, their display includes “502,165 LED lights that, laid end to end, would stretch for more than 31 miles.”

The inner child who was always begging my parents to hang up more than a single strand along the line of their roof (yes, we were one of those families and yes I’m still bitter) is super jealous, but the adult in me has two questions:

2. How much does it COST?

Unfortunately no one has answer as to why this family hung up their Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, but as for the money: “Richards says it costs about $2,291 ($2,500 Australian) each month to power the display. A local renewable energy company is footing the bill.”

Guess you were right, Mom. Their electric bill is insane.




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