So What Mid-sized City Are We All Moving To?

Nona Willis Aronowitz’s excellent Atlantic Cities series, “Where Millenials Can Make It Now,” wraps up today, which means it’s time for us to review the candidates and choose a new place to live.

My personal choice is Jackson, Mississippi, mostly because the forecast for Jackson tomorrow is a high of 75 and a low of 63, and because Nona interviewed someone there who rents an entire warehouse for $75/month.

Maybe if we all move to Jackson we could have Friday morning meetings in a warehouse and discuss our Weekend Estimates IRL? Worth considering.

My second choice is Pittsburgh, because I have been there and approve of their rolling hills and yellow bridges, but I am willing to be convinced re: Omaha and Jersey City. Cleveland and Milwaukee: you are too cold. Houston and San Antonio: well, someone needs to present a very strong argument if you’re looking to get me to live in Texas.

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