Women Taking Over The CIA

An Ann Curry news segment last week brought us not only an awesome interview with 90-something WWII ladyspies, but some encouraging news: nearly half — 46% — of the people who work for the CIA are now women (although, NB: women make up 40% of the actual spies), and women occupy five of the eight top-ranking positions, including deputy director Avril Haines and executive director Meroe Park, the number two and three positions respectively.

The current CIA director John Brennan has made hiring women a priority, which in a field with an urgent need for diverse experiences and insights seems obvious, but it’s nice to hear said out loud:

“Women make us better. Minorities make us better. People with diverse experiences make us better,” he told Curry. “I am so pleased to be able to look around the conference table in the morning and see individuals who represent the best of what this agency has to offer. And more and more of those faces are the faces of women.”



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