You Can Now Live At Disney World

Good news for adult humans I will never understand or relate to: for as little as $1.7 million dollars you can now buy a house on Disney park property. The gated community called Golden Oak is now under development, set to have 450 houses completed in the next couple of years.

Apparently, this little business venture is doing quite well. Of the 100 houses that have been built so far, they’re nearly all sold, to people like this:

Gina and Paul Rice, of Warrenton, Virginia built their Tuscan-style, five-bedroom, 9,000-square-foot home, complete with fireworks viewing tower so they could see the nightly fireworks displays.

‘If there’s a single image that you think of with Disney, it’s those fireworks,’ says Mr. Rice, 60.

‘It’s just a very cool way to remind yourself you’re rolling in the belly of all this stuff.’

They didn’t request for any Hidden Mickeys to be included in the design of their house but ended up with 13 anyway with a head and ears molded into the fireplace and even also in the swimming pool.

Perks (which translate to roughly $12,000 in annual fees) include “park passes, door-to-park transportation, extended hours for visiting attractions such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and a 17,000-square-foot clubhouse with a restaurant and concierge.” Something to think about!




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