Your Coffeemaker Can Make You Coffee. And Oatmeal. And Hard Boiled Eggs

NPR’s The Salt has a post about “Coffee Maker Cooking,” which doesn’t really make sense for you to do at home if you have regular cookware, but will maybe come in handy in specific situations like, I don’t know, one of those Top Chef “Quickfires” where they make cheftestants cook with limitations (The Salt also mentions “Dishwasher Cooking,” which, no thanks!). One quick-thinking aunt says that she’s helped her nephew serving in Afghanistan figure out how to cook using his coffeemaker:

“My nephew came home from Afghanistan complaining about the food in the mess hall,” says Jody Anderson, a retired photographer in southern Oregon. “But the soldiers were allowed only to have coffee makers in their rooms.”

So Anderson started developing recipes for the coffee maker, including ones for mac ‘n’ cheese, short ribs and chicken soup.

“I put all my recipes in a little book and sent it over to the boys in Afghanistan,” she tells The Salt. “I also sent split peas and canned ham so my nephew could make split pea soup.” Anderson also posted some of the recipes on Facebook with a few tips.

I probably wouldn’t ever try poaching salmon or making grilled cheese using a coffeemaker, but hard boiling eggs sounds like something I’d actually do in a hotel room.



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