Can We Talk About the Aldi Grocery Store Chain?

Has anyone ever been to one? I have not, but apparently it is owned by the brother of Trader Joe, and according to Rebecca Schuman at Slate, it is the best grocery store in America:

Aldi also private-labels (those $1.99 “Millville” Rice Squares are Chex, you guys!), but what makes it a more exciting venture—and even cheaper than Trader Joe’s—is that it has imported the entire German grocery experience (aside, alas, from employees yelling at you if you do something wrong).

If you’ve ever visited Germany, you’ve noticed that a 4-ounce glass of juice at a restaurant may run you $10, while groceries—often of much higher quality than their American counterparts—will be noticeably less expensive. This is in part because of cost-cutting shopping practices whose arrival stateside I greet with a robust “Wunderbar!”

Hmm. This does sound nice but I will remain loyal to Publix until I have more first-hand accounts.

Photo: Nicholas Eckhart



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