Horrible Bosses

According to the Washingtonian, a survey by management consulting firm Accenture showed that a third of workers who leave their jobs say that not liking their boss is one of their main reasons for switching companies.

In our survey of 13,500 area employees, we asked about truly horrible bosses. Among the common complaints: supervisors who yell or throw things, who take credit for an employee’s work or micromanage, who emotionally or sexually harass, who expect staff to be on call 24-7, who show favoritism, and who are incompetent.

Here is what some things people said about their horrible bosses:

“A guy at my old company used to make his employees ask before they could use the restroom—and he would time them. If they were gone longer than five minutes, he would add the time up at the end of the week and make them use vacation time.”

That’s insane, and I would move on to another job ASAP.

“I had a boss who would stand behind me and watch me type. When I made a mistake, he actually shook my chair while I was in it. I left that place in a hurry.”

I would too.

“A manager wrote all the female employees’ cycles on the whiteboard so the team would have a warning of when the women were in a bad mood.”

Get out.

“My old boss would walk around with a small baseball bat and a huge switchblade. He kept pictures of the employees he had terminated pinned up in his office.”

Goodbye forever! More here.



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