Monday Check-in

Good morning! We really should have more days off where we get together to cook big meals and spend time with one another, and step away from the daily grind. But it’s also kind of nice to be back. Let’s check in.

We didn’t do estimates, but I’m going to recount what I spent on Thanksgiving through the weekend: $38 on a salted caramel apple pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds (pictured, it was delicious, but so was the Funfetti cake); $31.84 on groceries/snacks for the weekend (I was also housesitting); $45 on takeout lunch and dinner; $5.24 on coffee.

Total: $120.08, which was much less than what I had in my mind, because I thought I would be tempted by online deals that appeared over the weekend, but there wasn’t really anything I wanted enough to actually click and buy (even if they were 40 percent off).

How were your Thanksgivings and weekends?



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