My Credit Card Bill Is Due Tomorrow And I Don’t Have Money, Help!

So, I basically built up a ridiculous amount of credit card debt when I moved to the city a few years ago and had to intern for six months earning next to nothing. I’ve been sloooowly paying it all down, but I have a credit card payment of $250-ish due, well, tomorrow, and I don’t have enough money to pay it. I literally have $1.10 in my checking account. However, I get paid by direct deposit to my checking account late this week. I don’t have anybody I can ask to borrow $250-ish from unfortunately. What in the world am I supposed to do? I don’t want to pay late—my biggest fear is getting thrown into the penalty interest rate pit of despair!


Former Intern, Currently Overworked

A solution that comes to mind is to call your credit card company ASAP, and explain to them the situation. Tell them that you’re getting paid later this week, and ask them if they can extend your due date, or waive the late fee this one time and keep your account current.

If they say no, don’t give up, and ask if you can talk to a supervisor. If they say no again, you can try calling back and talking to someone else. Sometimes the break you get is from a person on the line who is sympathetic enough to give you that break, and you don’t always get that person the first time around.

If anyone else has some tips for a former intern/currently overworked person, please post them below.

I’m sorry this is happening and good luck!




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