Repairing Your Credit: A Huge Pain

On her blog Girl’s Gone Child, Rebecca Woolf talks about trying to maintain a good credit score so that she and her husband can refinance their mortgage, and how they battled her credit card debt only to get screwed by a forgotten annual fee. Nooooo:

After, consolidating finances with Hal, we (eventually) were able to pay off the high interest cards. From there, I put them in a drawer never to use them again.

Except one of those cards had an annual charge. And that card was filed under an old address and an even older email address and because the card was paid off, I assumed that was that.

Six months of delinquent charges and emails to my old email and letters to my old address and phone calls from a blocked number (which I never USED TO answer) I finally picked up the phone.

Too late.

My credit score had dropped 100 points.

From a $19.99 charge.

On a card issued to me in 2000.

I cried.

A lot.

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