And Here Is Your Open Thread

For the lead on this Friday’s open thread, a question from a reader:

I live in a house with two other roommates, and every month I pay our bills with my credit union credit card, and then my roommates give me cash to pay it back with. Our bills are usually in the ballpark of $300 or $400 a month, which I feel like is a fair amount of traffic on my card. My credit union gives rewards for using their debit card, but nothing on the credit card. I realize there are credit cards out there that give you a percentage of your purchases back, or airline miles or whatnot, but I’m confounded by all the usage fees/percentage rates/credit levels/etc. and don’t want to get stuck with a stinker of a bank. I’d love to get rewards for paying my bills, but I don’t want mo’ money mo’ problems. Any thoughts? I’d be interested in hearing about other people’s experiences, good or bad.

I am not the person to ask about credit cards, because I only use them sparingly and don’t do things like play the airline miles game, but perhaps y’all can talk about what has worked for you below!

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