Emotions Affected By Taiwanese Railway Administration

The Taiwan Railways Administration is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a commemorative 2/14 train trip “from Dalin (大林, pronounced similarly to “darling” in English) station in Chiayi County to Gueilai (歸來, literally: “come back”) station in Pingtung County.”

As the Taipei Times reports with an article that gets increasingly devastating with each line of text, the 3500 tickets, which read “DARLING, COME BACK” sold out in about an hour.

First in line at Dalin Station was a man surnamed Cheng (鄭) from nearby Chiayi City, who lined up at 5:08am.

Cheng said the ticket was in remembrance of his girlfriend.

The two never had the chance to spend Valentine’s Day together before she died of illness in November last year, he said.

“Hopefully this belated present can make up for my regrets,” Cheng added.

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Photo via Wikimedia commons, as Dolly Parton’s music video for Heartbreak Express cannot be found online



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