FAA Says No to Drones Delivering Beer

Drone deliveries are likely to be a part of our future, and with Wisconsin brewery Lakemaid already delivering beer to customers, the future is now! Except it shouldn’t be, at least according to the FAA. Here’s TechCrunch:

According to FAA rules, you cannot fly a drone for commercial purposes or above 400 feet in the United States. Therefore a robot flying a sixer over to some thirsty pescatarians is right out. One phone call from the FAA shut down the entire operation and, in turn, set off an Internet firestorm. But the company, whose logo is a fulsome lake maiden with a slippery tail, will not be grounded for long.

“The model of UAV used for the video was a DJI F550,” said Lakemaid president Jack Supple. “There was a little wind that day so it was laboring to lift the twelve pack. We had to lighten its load by some bottles to safely fly it. We were about to order a larger drone when the FAA called. So we’re waiting to see where this goes. Regulations come out in 2015 and we’ll be ready.”

So maybe a drone will deliver you beer next year!



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