For $330 You Can Own a Toothbrush That Yells At You

This one from Reuters goes out to a few of my favorite dental hygienist rage-commenters, may god bless and keep you always:

Procter & Gamble Co is bringing the dentist into the bathroom with the world’s first smartphone-connected toothbrush, a device that gives personalized advice to help people improve their brushing.

The toothbrush, to be sold under P&G’s Oral-B brand and which will be widely available from June, has a Bluetooth 4.0 link to a smartphone app that can be programmed with the help of a dentist, for example to pay more attention to any areas of the mouth being neglected, P&G said.

“The app provides real-time guidance,” Michael Cohen-Dumani, global associate director for Oral-B, told Reuters.

Inviting the real-time disapproving remarks of my dentist into my home and into my daily routine sounds like my worst nightmare, and certainly not something I would pay $330 for, but if you are concerned about preventing all of the horrible things are teeth and bodies are going to die from, might be worth looking into.

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