House of Cards Against Humanity

Happy New Episodes of House of Cards Day! Okay I do not watch that show but I do love the guys behind Cards Against Humanity, and they apparently partnered (strategically) with Netflix to make a special House of Cards-themed CAH pack (sold out, but downloadable here).


Obviously the best part of all of this is the blog post detailing what it was like to work with Netflix on the project:

We submitted about 41 cards to Netflix, and they rejected the ones they didn’t like, like “Binge-watching 12 hours of House of Cards while wearing an adult diaper,” because they “didn’t like their brand being associated with adult diapers.” (They also rejected a lot of other amazing cards, but they told us we weren’t allowed to say them in this blog post).

Then Netflix announced the pack Monday morning on their Twitter account and sold out 10,000 packs in about 45 minutes, and we wrote this contractually-obligated blog post, which went through one week of revisions and arguments in which Netflix stripped out many of the interesting things we wanted to tell you.

LOL. Apparently Netflix wouldn’t let them say how much money they made writing the pack, but they did donate “an amount of money that is more than $49,999 and less than $50,001” to The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to using technology to increase government transparency and accountability. Awesome!



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