The Cost of Keeping Fit

A follow-up to “How to Procrastinate Signing Up for a Gym Membership While Still Being Productive About It.”

• Gym membership: $25/mo, in my office park.

• Tracking app: Free! Thanks Runkeeper.

• 2 sports bras + workout pants: $25 from Cohoes

• 1 workout shirt, 1 pair of workout shorts, hand weights: $16.81 from Target

• Additional workout clothes: $0 from my mom who is so excited we are both exercising she has taken to buying us matching bras and shirts.

• Gym bag: $11.49 from Amazon because my reusable grocery bag was not cutting it

• Ikea towel: $2.99 from Ikea because my face towel from college was small and covered with acne medication stains.

• Phone holder armband thingee: $11.96 from Amazon

• Knee brace: $18.95 from Amazon. I think it maybe its helping?

• New shoes: $60 Asics from Sports Authority, bought in store. Because maybe they will help my knee?

• Ice pack: Free, stolen from my parents’ basement freezer during my trip home.

• Additional Costs: A bum knee, the stress and hours needed to recover from a stolen credit card. Thx, Target.

• Earnings: Ability to run a 5K, ability to do 10 push-ups, ability to brag that I workout.

• Savings: My remaining three pairs of jeans, dignity


Liz lives in Boston, and sometimes updates her tumblr.



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