Tuesday Check-In

Good morning! How were your President’s Days? It’s still snowing, huh? Let’s check in.

This long weekend, I went out for burgers with a friend ($17), picked up a bottle of wine for a party ($20), and went grocery shopping ($40.58). After the party I attended on Saturday, a few friends and I also stopped by Gray’s Papaya for a hot dog ($3).

Last night, I went to interview Kevin Roose about his new book about young Wall Street workers (the book is out today, and my interview will go up here later this week). We were meeting for a drink at the Bull and Bear at the Waldorf Astoria, so I decided to put on a suit jacket and tie. I think it was because I was a little dressed up that later that evening, a man approached me while I was walking on Madison Avenue and asked me if I had any jobs available, or knew anyone looking to hire someone. I shook my head, so he asked me if I could sit with him for a little bit and review his resume, which he had brought with him.

“Sure,” I said, and then copy edited his resume. I then talked through some of his experiences working in food service and as a line cook. He wanted to work at a restaurant or in hospitality, and I suggested to him that if he had any experience doing food for parties he had thrown for family and friends, he could add that he had catering skills.

After we were done, he thanked me and said, “Listen, I have two daughters and it’s been really rough for us.” He had last been employed in May of 2013. “If you could help me in any other way, it would mean so much.”

“I can give you twenty bucks,” I said. I had brought cash with me to pay for my drink while interviewing Kevin, but Kevin had said he could expense my drink and ended up paying for the bill. So I thought this could be a way of paying it forward. I handed him the money, and wished him luck.

“Thank you, and I wish you luck too,” he said.

My estimate had been $150 this weekend. I spent $100.58.

How were your weekends?

[Edited to add: I have this person’s email address, so if anyone has any job leads in the restaurant industry, feel free to email me!]

Photo: Faustino Garcia



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