Andrew W.K. Has Some Thoughts About Money

Marketplace talked to musician Andrew W.K. this weekend, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the musician talked about why spending money to have fun and party can be worth it:

In my opinion, spending money on fun and games is its best and wisest use. Of course, there are times when it’s necessary to spend it on things like clothing, food, or shelter — but once we have the basics covered, I can think of no better way to spend money than on joy. Some people have tried to make me feel guilty about spending money on things they call “frivolous,” but the beauty of money is that it is up to you to decide how to spend it. That’s the freedom. And there should never be any feelings of regret or sadness when you use your money for joyful experiences. If paying to go on a roller coaster makes me happy, then money really can buy happiness. When we have experiences of joy that last, we’re not only investing in our own direct happiness, but the happiness of the world in general. Money spent on fun and feeling good is totally righteous. Money spent on getting wasted is never wasted money. So, keep on partying with money, and keep on having fun.

You know my feelings on this: It’s totally fine to spend money on whatever you want as long as you’ve set your financial goals and have a plan to reach those goals. If “partying” gets in the way of ever reaching those goals, it’s time to figure out what your priorities are.

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