$100 Spent During a Weekend in Washington D.C.

How did you spend your last $100, Amanda?

$1.60: Bus fare to the White House.

$0: Tickets for the White House Garden Spring Tour! Can’t put a price on seeing the Rose Garden, Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden or having a member of the Secret Service photobomb a picture of me standing in front of the White House. THANK YOU to my coworker for inviting me.

$23: Pizza and beer for lunch. Spending an afternoon in the sun in the White House Garden takes a lot out of a girl.

$2.30: Metro ride home. Thank the Lord there were no delays on my particular subway line this weekend. What a rarity.

$1.60: Bus to the bars.

$12: Drinks for a night out with friends. ALL OF THE VODKA SOURS, PLEASE.

$6: Drunk food.

$15: Cab fare home because taking the bus would’ve meant standing at the bus stop for twenty minutes on my lonesome amongst the drunken revelers who were cut off before last call.

$32: Brunch, complete with bottomless mimosas. AKA a weekend staple for life in D.C.

$1.60: Bus fare to a cafe.

$3.50: Iced chai at cafe, where I met up with a friend from high school who was in town for work.

$1.60: Bus fare home.


Manda is a writer in Washington, DC. She blogs at Break the Sky.



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