A Female-Owned & Operated Marijuana Delivery Service

Alexi steers her silver Honda into the traffic of L.A.’s Glendale Boulevard. (“Welcome to my office!” she’d joked when I climbed in.) Alexi is a slim 25-year-old with ombré brunette hair and a flawless, long white manicure. In a typical workday, she spends eight hours driving around greater L.A. delivering medical-grade marijuana.

Over at The Cut, Allison Davis rides around with Alexi [not her real name], doing deliveries for Dope Girls LA, a female-owned and operated marijuana delivery service “made up of pretty ladies who are also weed experts.”

If anyone is aspiring to a similar lifestyle, here is how she climbed this particular corporate ladder (trellis?):

Alexi has been involved with the weed industry for about four years — from making runs up to Northern California to get product to balancing the books, she touched all parts of running a shop before striking out on her own. She started out at an Orange County dispensary. At that time, she wasn’t much of a smoker, but weed seemed more lucrative than the other jobs she was juggling at a hair salon and an accounting firm. By the time she got pushed out of that position (where, at one point, she was making $6,000 a day and managing two shops), she was able to start from scratch to build up her own operation. She has plans to open a brick-and-mortar store in the next six months. For now, though, she keeps her selection in Mason jars at home, and, when on the go, swipes credit cards using Square.

I am still thinking about by “pretty ladies who are also weed experts.” Mostly because this weekend I had lunch at a certain French restaurant where everyone is absurdly beautiful in an impossible, effortless way — their freckles, their tousled buns, the strange but attractive cut of their trousers! It is so across-the-board at this restaurant it is almost offensive. There is no way it could be a coincidence. Surely this hiring practice cannot be legal! How do people justify it? Why are we bragging about our weed delivery persons being pretty? This is not okay to me! Or you know, I subconsciously both tolerate and appreciate it until it is explicitly named, and then I’m like, What.

I mean listen if someone is delivering weed to me, sure, I would rather it be a woman. I would rather all of my business dealings be with women, as they are the superior gender construct. Do I want their business’s Instagram account to be dreamlike and aesthetically pleasing? OF COURSE I DO. But I do not need them to be pretty.



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