Illogical Economics (But Really Is There Any Other Kind)

EDITOR OF IMPORTANT PUBLICATION: Question: Should I get a WNYC KeepCup or a free subscription to the New Yorker as my sustaining member gift?

ME: This feels like such a no-brainer that I have to ask why you’re asking.

EIP: Well, the thing is, I have wanted a KeepCup for a long time. But a New Yorker subscription costs $80. I don’t have that kind of cash just lying around! I need to spend it on a Rent the Runway dress.

ME: You’re hilarious.

EIP: Better delay this decision even longer. Wouldn’t want to make any rash moves.

ME: Get the New Yorker! Obviously! And then buy a coffee cup for $5.

EIP: It’s like, which am I more likely to actually do, though? I will renew my New Yorker subscription no matter what. But I’ve wanted a keep cup for years and never bought it.

Quandary! What Would You Do?



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