Our Snacks, Ourselves

I’m not quite sure how I even found Snacks Quarterly, an internet publication for the “distinguished snack enthusiast,” but here we are. Some gems include this ode to the snacks that are available for a limited time only by Brooke Barker:

French Toast Crunch is gone. So are Crispy M&M’s and Lemon Ice Gatorade—they stopped making them. No one even knows why they did it. I’m not even sure who they is, but they get rid of snacks every day.

Today the number of people currently alive on earth is seven percent of the earth’s total since-the-begininning-of-earth population. Without doing any research at all I’m going to guess that the number of available snacks is only ten percent of the total available snacks that have ever existed. The other ninety percent you’ll never see again.

An advice column called “Snask Beth”: “Well, Amy, I find that grilled cheese triangles are the best snack when you can’t decide where to go out to dinner with your semi-new boyfriend.”

And this hot tip:

A+ tip, right there.



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