Stenographer Fired For Not Stenographing in The Best Way Possible

An alcoholic Manhattan court stenographer went rogue, channeling his inner “Shining” during a high-profile criminal trial and repeatedly typing, “I hate my job, I hate my job” instead of the trial dialogue, sources told The Post.

The bizarre antics…wreaked havoc on some 30 Manhattan court cases, sources said, and now officials are scrambling to repair the damage.

One high-level source said his “gibberish” typing may have jeopardized hard-won convictions by giving criminals the chance to claim crucial evidence is missing.

Oh boy, New York Post.

Notably, the stenographer denies the allegation, saying he was let go for substance abuse and is now in recovery.

Either way, the judges are holding ‘reconstruction hearings’ for the cases missing transcripts, where everyone present at the trial has to share what they remember.

Okay, between that and the alcoholism, this is way darker than I wanted to to be when I clicked the link on Twitter. :(



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